Curating Curriculum Development OERs

There is a lot of information available out there about curriculum development and finding good reliable OERs can be a challenge. However, it is fun to find resources to share and open a space for a critical dialogue about the resource.

I will be sharing a few resources that I found a giving some critical feedback on each but will add to this post in the future

Designing and Evaluating Curriculum by Rick Lumadue (Content updated in 2018)

This is a course that “provides teachers with knowledge and skills needed for designing, developing, and evaluating curricula.” There are captioned videos, a companion ebook, and rubric, and outline resources. From an accessibility point of view the colour contrast would need updating from the original 2014 format and the information could be structured in a more accessible manner but this a nice one-stop source for many curricular aspects.

Internationalisation and curriculum development: why and how? by Polyanna Magne (2014)

This is an open source article on the internationalization of curriculum which gives many case studies that touch on different subjects and content. This is a good piece to help brainstorm and mindmap concepts of inclusion and the need for diversity in curriculum and how theory leads to praxis.

and now for a Rabbit Hole Resource…..

Two brown rabbits in a hole
You never know what you will find (Attribution Jim Long

Instructional Design Collaboration: A Professional Learning and Growth Experience by Brown, Eaton, Jacobsen, Roy, and Friesen (2014)

This journal article is a treasure trove of other links and resources about inclusive instructional design and curriculum development. I love OER sources like this because it is very much a rabbit hole resource and demonstrates the fun of interconnectivity in curating OER on a particular topic. (More turtles all the way down 🙂  )

I will continue adding to this post as the semester goes on and I would love to hear about your favourite OERs that relate to inclusive curriculum development.




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